Our Services

We provide the service in Yangon with reasonable price.

  1. Using the best machine to wash,dry and fold your items.

  2. Help to look best at your daily life by ironing your clothes.

  3. ​Not all clothes items can be put into the machine.We will hand wash your dedicates with care.

  4. The least damaged detergents to your clothes.

  5. Environmentally safe and standard water.

Laundry Buffet Menu in our Laundry Service

Laundry Buffet

As long as it fits, we will wash,dry and fold and delivered to your home.

Our Laundry's Delivery Terms & Conditions

Delivery Services

We provide delivery service to be more convenience for our customers. To be more efficient we've made some rules between our delivery staff and customers.

Premium Package for Employees & Freelancer

Monthly Packages

This is the package for businessman or people working in a company.

Ironing Service named Ironing Buffet

Ironing Buffet

For those who don't want to iron your clothes, this will be the package for you.